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The Jade Room is pleased to host ‘Terroir Japan' to celebrate our country rich in its cuisine and culture with locally sourced food and wine pairing - together reflecting the beauty of the changing seasons, diverse regional ingredients, and the versatility and expressiveness ingrained in the Japanese cuisine.

The refined course menu is themed around carefully selected, locally grown quality ingredients from across the country and prepared using authentic cooking techniques and innovative ideas by chefs.

The Jade Room boasts the choicest selection of evolving Japanese wine and delicately pairs food and wine from the same region to complement and create an unparalleled marriage of flavors. 

‘Terroir Japan' is an opportunity to showcase the scrumptious treasure of Japanese local regions and produces, discovered from a new perspective through the eyes of The Jade Room's Chef Partner Tom Aikens, Chef de Cuisine Richard McLellan, and Head Sommelier Masakatsu Yatabe.



"Terroir Miyagi" features Miyagi Prefecture, blessed with rich nature and known as a treasure trove of ingredients such as fresh seafood caught off the coast of Sanriku, seasonal vegetables and quality meat from local farms.

The 7-course menu encompasses a collaboration of contemporary Japanese and Western influenced dishes, using some of the finest local ingredients from the region. Chef Richard's innovative dishes beautifully orchestrate the choicest ingredients from Miyagi, including Silver salmon, Sudare shellfish, Seri vegetable, Miyagi Duroc pork and Strawberries.

To be paired with is exquisite wines from local wine producers, "Fattoria al Fiore" and "Sen no Yume Winery",  two up-and-coming wineries gathering attention for their natural wines that draw out the utmost charm of the terroir of Miyagi. The wine pairing also include sake which Miyagi is also known for, and the list introduces Miyagi's proud Sake makers such as "Suminoe", "Hakurakusei" and "Uragasumi". Savor a sumptuous marriage of Miyagi's delicacies and wines, offered exclusively for a limited time. 

[Serving Period]
March 27 - May 26, 2024

7 Course: JPY 22,000(2 snacks, 3 starter, fish, main dish, pre-dessert, dessert)

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※The price includes 10% consumption tax and 15% service charge.


Miyagi Wine & Sake Pairing

JPY 17,000

A carefully selected five-glass wine pairing of champagne, white, rosé or orange, sake, red from the finest wineries and sake breweries in Miyagi, including, Fattoria al Fiore, Sen no Yume Winery, Suminoe Shuzou and others.

※The price includes 10% consumption tax and 15% service charge.

※ Each wine and sake are available in limited quantity due to small production. Please note that each pairing will be based on our sommelier's selection based on availability.