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Deep Dive Into the Earth Special Page

In its endeavour towards a more sustainable world, The Tokyo EDITION, Toranomon has launched its latest project, ‘Deep Dive Into the Earth’. This project goes beyond the boundaries of the hotel's internal sustainability efforts, connect with local communities outside of the hotel to explore “what we can do as a hotel”. We see this project as an opportunity for us to learn and think together with the community outside the hotel. Dedicated to tackling today’s environmental issues and committing to EDITION Hotels’ sustainability policies, the hotel will collaborate with a variety of people involved in “Deep Dive” activities by extending their support to local communities and cultural happenings.

The program will kick off with a collaboration with naeme farm in Kamogawa City, Chiba Prefecture, led by CEO Ryutaro Inoue. The farm adopts environmentally responsible agriculture practices, with a focus on cultivating organic edible flowers and herbs. His activities also aims to minimize and eliminate land degradation and exhaustion wherever possible, which is done by converting abandoned farms into shared farms, creating community-driven cafes, and restoring the Satoyama project.
Deep Dive Into the Earth

naeme Collaboration Menu

October 4 (Wed) - December 10 (Sun), 2023

Lunch 4-course: 13,000 JPY
Dinner 5-course: 22,000 JPY
*Lunch set is served without snacks and pre-dessert.
*The ingredients are subject to change depending on availability and seasonality.

About naeme

Ryutaro Inoue /CEO of naeme is an activist who is involved in environmentally friendly agriculture, focusing on the production of herbs and edible flowers in Kamogawa City, Chiba Prefecture.